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Please note that while our organization shall strive to make this website available 24x7, it is not liable if, due to any reason, the site remains unavailable for any time-period.

Also note, the organization has the right to suspend the access to the site without any prior notice.

The owner of this site not liable for any damages that arise in the tort, contract from the ability or inability to use this website or from any decision or action that has been taken as a result of using the site or any material that is contained on this site.

The material that is on this website comprises the views of the owner and the copyright holder of this site. We also state that it does not contain any professional or legal advice. The reader and the user need to consult his or her professional advisor for professional or legal advice. 

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This website offers various links to other relevant websites thereby enable you to leave this website and go directly to another linked website. We are not responsible for the content that is contained in these sites and or any linked site in our WebPages. We are also not responsible for the transmission you receive from any linked websites. The main function of these links is to increase the traffic to our site. Also, note that the presence of any link does not imply that our site approves the content of the linked site or endorses their information.

Use of the delivered academic projects also known as product

You may not put your name as author on the delivered academic project also referred hereinafter as “product”.  Please note that the product or/and any other written material that has been delivered to you is for reference or/and research purpose only. Our site and we do not knowingly take part, encourage or condone plagiarism or any other actions of academic dishonesty or fraud. We do not knowingly allow encourage, or condone to violate the copyright laws or commit plagiarism. By using our services, you agree to the fact that the product or any other written material that has been delivered to the user are provided only as an example or model document for research purpose and any idea or/ and text from our delivered material that you refer, use as reference, borrow and use otherwise in any way in your academic paper must be attributed ad properly cited to this website.

Please note that we, our company, our partners, or/ and any of our affiliates are not liable for any inappropriate, unethical, illegal or otherwise any wrongful use of our products and/ or any other written material that has been delivered from our site. It also includes academic probation, poor grading, expulsion, lawsuits, plagiarism, loss of positions/ titles/prizes/awards/scholarships, suspension, failure or any other legal or disciplinary actions. The purchaser of products from our site is solely responsible for all or any disciplinary action that arises from the illegal, unethical, or/and improper of this material.

Kindly also note that the company would not be liable for any technical problems or delay in the delivery of the product that results from any malfunction of the customers’ Internet service provider or mail-server of the customer.

Please note that the site does not guarantee any particular grade and the student cannot open any dispute for the refund in case of poor assessment.


The plagiarism level that is acceptable to the site in any assignment in below 10%. The student has the right to ask for refund or revision in case the plagiarism level is more than 10%. In case you require more information, you can view our Revision and Money Back policy. Please note that we do not regard clichéd phrases such as connectors, standard phrases, idioms, and other frequently used phrases, bibliographical references that includes bibliography page at the end of the assignments and in-text referencing as plagiarism and do not include it in the calculation of the plagiarism level. 


Kindly note that the rates that you see in the prices section of the site do not include VAT.  These charges are only for the European Union customers. These charges will be added to the cost of the order during the payment transaction process. Also, note that. VAT will not be refunded.

Requests for revision and refund

Please note that we do not perform more than 3 free revisions. You have to place a new order for proofreading/editing if you want to revise your paper even after using the 3 free and available revisions.

In the case of any dispute, our quality assurance department has the authority to take the final decision. If they are satisfied that the content of the assignment satisfies the initial instructions of the students, the refund request of the student would be rejected. Refund requests would be entertained only in the event when the requirements that are listed in the Revision Policy of the site are met. However, please note that the amount of the Vat or Value added tax is non-refundable. 

You do not have right to ask for any refund after you press the "Approve" button. You have a right to ask for the revision, but only within seven days you press the "Approve" button. Please press this button only after you have checked the paper in preview mode. Please contact our Customer Support Representatives immediately and request them for another way to preview assignment, if you cannot view the paper in preview mode.

If you make the decision to ask for the full refund, you cannot use the submitted assignment or other additional material that has been provided from our side during our business transaction. The assignment and the additional material becomes our company’s property and the site reserves the right to publish this paper online commercially or non-commercially. However, please note that we do not store any type of essay databases and the term 'publish on-line' can be interpreted as the fact if any paper is checked or googled with any anti-plagiarism software tools. We also have the right to publish this paper as a sample essay or content. This step has been taken for the protection of the work of our writers where the work has been already completed and customers claim the refund.

Also, note that the customer can approve the paper in 7 days. The site calculates the approval time from the moment when the site uploads the last version of the assignment at your personal order page. The paper or any section of the paper is automatically approved after this time-period.

Kindly note that if you are a resident of European Union and paid VAT during the payment transaction, it is not refunded after a successful dispute case. You would receive a percentage of the prices or the money as stated in the Prices section of our website. Please note that VAT is non-refundable.


Kindly note, that when you place an order for editing/proofreading, you cannot expect the writer to modify more than 30% of the given text. The main aim of proofreading is to check the work for any plagiarized section or any errors in the text. In addition, the expectation should not stretch to the creation of a new piece from your uploaded article or rewrite an online article. This is due to the fact that proofreading and rewriting any work is completely different.

Problem Solving and Multiple Choices

We also solve various problems and multiple choice questions, but kindly note that you need to fill up a special order form for these 2 types of orders and get special prices. In addition, you are needed to upload the problem or test for us to solve.

Kindly also note that, we are not responsible for the grade that you get in the test or examination.  It is also responsibility whether you can trust our solutions or not. 

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